How Do You Stack Up

29 Jan
The Alltop Test !

via de chrisbrogan le 28/01/10

titles Swing by any page at Alltop and browse the titles other bloggers are using. Now, compare their titles to yours. Which would you click? Go back and look at the last 30 days of your blog. How many posts does that encompass? If someone only had the last 30 days of your blog to go on, what would they say about it?

If you look at this graphic I copied, you’ll see a few titles that get your eyebrow raised. I found the experiment to be interesting, and even more interesting when I picked a topic material that wasn’t really my thing. It’s amazing how just the titles got me thinking about my own blog and what I could do better.

Just for fun, I grabbed the most recent titles from my blog. Here they are:

  • The Location Game – Over on OPENForum
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Review
  • How Social Media Can Power Your Business – Kitchen Table Talks
  • Points of Contact
  • The Social Media Pie – over on OPEN Forum
  • How I Use Mindmapping to Write
  • Cubicle Farming
  • New Job New You – a Book Review
  • The Writing Practice
  • Switch- A Book Review
  • The Beginning – Kitchen Table Talks
  • How NOT to Help Haiti
  • How Systems Thwart Service
  • Your Farmer List
  • Living In Google Wave
  • What is Your Pop-Up Store
  • Get Seen- Do It Now
  • Represented by the APB Speaker’s Bureau
  • More Fun Than Competition
  • Business Stripped Bare – Book Review
  • Do One Thing Very Well
  • How Heartfelt Marketing Delivers
  • The Future Is Evidently Blurry
  • A Customer Aware World
  • Experiment- 30 Days of Bing
  • Deepen Your Networks
  • New Sponsor – Search Engine Strategies NYC
  • Are You Ready for Fun

There are four book reviews. There are four “announcement/promotion” type posts. There are seven video posts.

Of the titles, I think I did okay. I think they could be better. I’m sure Brian would tell me I could do better.

So, what do you think? How do YOU stack up? Does looking at other people’s titles and ideas help you think about your blog?

Can you see the value in comparisons, or, as I talk about in More Fun Than Competition, are you just competing with yourself?

If your blog was the next Wired / BusinessWeek / FastCompany / whatever-for-your-industry, how would you rate it?

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